Six Mile Sunday

Today’s run was the kind that dreams are made of.  An almost cloudless blue sky with a gentle breeze and temperature so perfect that even the birds were giddy.  Warm enough weather for a tank and shorts, but comfortable enough to breathe easily and float through the miles.  One of my favorite places to run is at a local park where kids adorn the playground and baseball fields are rarely empty.  After rolling down a hill just past the mile mark, a lake greets you with a fountain in a middle and geese upon it’s shore.  A quick steep hill spooks you just past the lake, but as you catch your breath on the way down, you’re distracted by the racket of the tennis courts.  Just past the courts a shaded wooded area engulfs you and the trail’s end begs the question, “Will you leave me for the parking lot, or loop around for another mile?” .  Loop around again and you’ve got a 3.1 miler under your belt.   Complete the loop twice and well, you get the drift.  It’s a beautiful park, and nice hilly trail loop, the scenery is great and it’s fun to watch other runners and people that are just out to enjoy the day.  It’s the same park I often take my children to and the place where I’ve run into Usher and his 2 boys on occasion.  I may have a picture of him that my husband may have taken while our children were playing together one evening.  Maybe.

It took the first 3 miles for me to warm up.  I was dragging quite a bit this morning.  Maybe it was from 2 days of swimming or from the fact that with 4 kids 4 and under, I don’t get much sleep these days.  Luckily after a couple of swigs of water, I pumped out the last 3 with no problem and with the exception of a little intestinal cramping (don’t drink Yogi’s “Get Regular” Tea the night before a 6 mile run), I felt great afterwards.  One of my favorite running buddies ran the park with me and as usual we had great conversation and some good laughs that got us through the hills.  We averaged a 10 minute per mile pace which was acceptable considering we’re both mending from recent injuries and have been through a good amount of illness lately.  Now we just have to keep in mind the 10% rule to prevent every runner’s worst nightmare – re-injury.  Some stretching, push-ups and waving at friends that were re-looping and we were good to go.  What a great way to spend an hour on a gorgeous September Sunday!


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