Sitting On The Sidelines

6 miles.  That’s how far I was supposed to run today.  Jenny grabbed hers and instead of looping around our local park, I went to the store, bought a box of color and dyed my own hair.  My sister would roll over in her Beauty Salon Chair if she knew I had done such a thing.  The Cosmetologist of the family, Meg has always had the authority on my hair.  What can I say? Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I feel like the woman struggling with infertility.  She wants so badly to be happy for her pregnant friends, but deep down, she’s filled with sorrow over not being able to experience that joy herself.  People tell her they are sorry, and then they go back to decorating their nurseries and she suffers alone.    I see a runner on the side of the road and I cheer them on, but deep down that bitter pang of jealousy nudges me.  I want to hear about their runs and make happy comments on their, “I ran 500 miles today!” Facebook statuses, but more than anything, I want to be out there giving birth to the miles with them.

“Fear not!” I tell myself, for I have new and adventurous things that I would like to try in my new found time of not running.  On the top of my list are the supposed fat-burning coffee (which is circulating several running blogs right now), and the bag of Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Spice Coffee that I purchased this evening.  My ambition is overwhelming, I know.

Since Cardio will be on the down low for the next few weeks, I’ve decided to try hard to stick to eating clean most of the time.  Hopefully by doing so I’ll be able to keep those sneaky, creepy, “I’ve fallen and can’t get my butt up for a run” pounds at bay.  This morning I enjoyed a small serving of grits and indulged in half a bag of spinach for lunch.  On our way to take the buns to the park this evening, we passed several runners out enjoying the final free moments of the weekend.  One look at them and I turned to my husband and said, “Screw this” and ordered a pizza.  Now, I’m already thinking about making pumpkin pancakes in the morning.  For the kiddos, of course.  Alllll for the kiddos.

My willpower and positive attitude must astound you.

Press on my runner friends!  Enjoy every stride that you take while I work on buffing my upper-body guns via the crutchety-crutch shuffle.  I will leave you to your miles as I set out to whittle my waist via coffee grounds and embrace a new Yoga pose that I’m sure will heal all of my injuries while giving me quite a different perspective on life …



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