Pop A Squat

This afternoon as my family and I were cruising around Roswell in our Swagger Wagon, my husband and I were discussing what kind of workout I was going to  devour at the gym.  My plan was to tackle weights, but since I’m still holding on to a shred of hope that I’ll be able to run a mid-October race, I was trying to figure out a way to mix some ankle (or should I say kankle)-friendly cardio in.  It has been ten days since I’ve run and my endurance is dwindling.  With the windows down and Dubstep  kid-friendly music blaring, I was sifting through ideas when Eric asked if I’d heard about the 10 minute workout from Beachbody.  It features Tony Horton and it’s owned by Beachbody so yes, of course I’ve heard of it.  We started talking about the type of exercises it employs and as much as I usually make fun of workouts that have less than 30 minutes in the title, I have to admit, 10 minutes is better that 0 of them.  A work-out is a work-out, and regardless of it’s length, you’re going to be better and feel better as a result of one.

Ok, so maybe I do kind of regret my work-out from 2 weeks ago.  You know, the one where I wiped out and re-shaped my ankle?   Buuutttt, you get my drift.  Anything is better than nothing.  I quickly let go of the pressure to find the perfect workout and just focused on putting effort into whatever it was that I could do.  My spirits lifted and as the endorphin gods would have it, I had fun lifting, benching, and squatting – plain.ole.squats.  Oh sure, I used to do those all of the time.  Back in 2007.  I mean, seeeeeeeeeriously.  Who does basic, in place, no weights or jumping involved squats anymore?  The injured me does, and boy did it bring back memories of Monday night “Body Works” back in the days of LA Fitness and a fitness instructor named Darcy.

Eric and I worked on some  Cross-fit/power lifting moves and even spent a little bit of time figuring out how to modify Insanity to make it safe for gimpy here.  My arms were shaking, my legs were sore and my heart-rate was high – YES!  It was a good, solid work-out, and while I would rather have been enjoying the gorgeous weather out on a hilly 7 or 8 miler, I was stronger, happier, and better overall because of the workout I did.

So this is where I encourage you.  My fellow injured runner, the person randomly stumbling across this blog, the friend who just can’t find the time to workout…. Just do it.  Take time for a 10 minute date with Tony Horton.  Get out of the office and jog around the city over your lunch break.  Take the kids for a walk around the neighborhood.  Do calf-raises while brushing your teeth and squats while holding the baby.  Hold a plank during a commercial break and do twenty push-ups each night before bed.

Go do it.  Go pop a squat … or two, or fifty.  You’ll almost always be glad you did!


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