Runs Gone Wild

You know how a lot of the family blogs out there have certain days or topics where they invite other bloggers to link up and share their story/experience or view point on that particular subject?  Well, I think running blogs should do the same.  Maybe some already do and I just haven’t come across them yet.  If I could start a topic of discussion that would echo down through the blogging world it would be …

“What is the most random thing that has ever happened to you while out for a run?”

Since I’ve been out of the game/off the track/sitting on the couch eating bon bons for the past 2 weeks and 2 days, I’ve been reflecting a lot on past runs while anticipating the future ones I’ll be taking as soon as I get the green light to go go go.  Long runs, short ones, fast and slow, there have been some pretty amazing memories made.  This afternoon as I was driving past the park that I usually run around, I noticed a goose walking along the roof of a house.   After debating whether or not this was a funny enough occurrence to text to a friend, I shuddered at the memory of almost getting pecked in the noggin by one of those birds of prey ridiculous amounts of poop pellets.  The park where many Roswell runners log their miles hosts a family of geese that enjoy swimming, basking in the rays of the sun, and hissing at and sometimes chasing the people that dare to make eye contact with them as they circle the lake.  I’ve had several encounters with a certain grumpy fowl there, but nothing that picking up my pace couldn’t contend with.  That was until the day I almost got scalped.

By a goose.

It was a typical Georgia summer afternoon: sunny, hot, and humid.  I had just settled into the first mile of my run as I noticed a few people in front of me slowing down and cocking their heads to peer behind and above them.  Trying not to disturb my pace, I began scoping out the area for signs of anything weird looking.  Giving up, I put my focus back into the task at hand and suddenly something dark entered my field of vision.  Before I could register what was happening, a giant (or so it seemed at the time) goose swooooooshed right above my head – literally close enough for me to feel the wind from it’s wings.  My immediate response was to duck into a squatting position with my hands over my head.  I’m sure I let out a yelp on my way down and while working my way back to a standing position, the concerned onlookers (or laughing gawkers) that I expected to see were no where to be found.  I cautiously turned and surveyed the area wondering if, like a tornado, the goose would wait until I thought I was safe and then come back to taunt me.  Seemingly in the clear, I resumed my run and pondered the incident.

It was definitely a run that I will never forget and one in which I really wish someone had been running with me to witness the event.


Then again  maybe not.

Random run #2 was a bit more … serious.  One evening, after completing the first 2.25 mile leg of a trail, my friend Beth and I came out of the woods to a couple of cops, squad cars, and yellow tape.  We looked at them inquiringly, but they didn’t seem too concerned with our presence so we trotted across the lot back to the trail head for our next set of miles.  After complaining about a bad smell and debating whether or not to shoot for a third go at the trail, we stumbled back upon the cops and squad cars.  This time, however, they were accompanied by more squad cars, GBI, FBI, helicopters, and officers decked out in tactical gear.  Either something bad was going on or we had set one hell of a PR.

Har har.

The decision to continue the trail or not was made for us as one of the police officers approached and told us that we needed to leave the area immediately.  Of course I asked about the situation at hand and of course he told me to bug off.  Politely of course.  Beth and I lingered beside our cars, stretching like the good little runners we are and maybe straining our ears in an attempt to catch a crumb of information.  I guess our idea of discreet wasn’t fool proof to Mr. Law Enforcement because once again he approached us and this time he wasn’t as nice with his declaration of  “GO AWAY.  NOW.”    So off we drove through the herd of thirty something black uniforms, back to the safety of our homes and convenience of the internet.  Quickly filling my husband in, I jumped on Facebook to update my status and within minutes I had my answer as friends did the detective work for me.

A man who had been missing for 2 days had been found on the trail.  A runner had seen his car parked and recognized it from the local news.  Apparently this man had threatened to kill himself after a relationship ended and he decided to make good on his deal on this trail… that we had just run.


What else can you say?  Ohmygosh.Ohgmygosh.Ohmygosh.  We just ran by a dead body.  TWICE.    What if we had seen him?  What if we had been the ones to find him?  Ohmygosh.

Luckily the experience wasn’t enough to rattle me from going back to the trail.  I have a friend (not Beth) who still won’t go near it after hearing about the incident.  I don’t really feel comfortable running alone there anymore, but in this day and age, secluded trail runs are probably better run with someone else anyway. (Think: broken foot scenario.)

So those are my stories and I’m sticking to them.  I have so many great stories, but those are two really random ones that stand out.  I would love to hear some of your random running stories if you have them to share!  You can leave a comment or link me to your blog.  This girl sure could use a laugh 🙂




One thought on “Runs Gone Wild

  1. I had to turn around and run the other way once when geese were blocking the trail around the lake in my parent’s neighborhood. I tried everything (I won’t ho into embarrassing detail) and they wouldn’t move. Those things hiss at you! I’m actually kind of scared of them.

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