Back In The Game

I have a confession to make.  It’s regarding a certain Orthopedist appointment I was supposed to have been to 2 weeks ago.

Yeah … I never made it.

While the thought of paying a sitter to watch the kiddos so I could fork out a $40 copay to see the specialist who would refer me for an MRI in which I would front another copay just to find out what level sprain/tear of the ligament I incurred had me in giggles and goosebumps, I decided to save some green and turn to Google, running forums and my “I’m pretty sure this is what is wrong with my body” sixth sense radar for the rest of my recovery.  Those who know me well suffer no surprise as  this is rather typical behavior for a Choleric/Sanguine who believes that she knows best.  Lucky for me, it seems to be the case (at least in this instance), that listening to my body and calling the shots myself has served me well.  I’ve plowed through low-impact work-outs and made an effort to rest my foot as much as possible – which is about 5 seconds twice a day because let’s face it, there isn’t much resting going on when you have 4 toddler tornadoes tearing through your house all day and in and out of your personal space every 22.3 tenths of a second.   The crutches became light sabers in a very serious round of a 3 versus 4 year old Star Wars battle and the splint was retired to the graveyard of knee and ankle braces of those gone before it.  My walking gait returned to normal pretty early on, my stability and strength is good, and honestly, my ankle has been healing at lightening quick speed.

That being said, due to some pain and swelling still lingering, I had resolved myself to wait 3 weeks before attempting to run again.  Cycle? Yes.  Swim?  I thought so, tried it, but no.  Weights?  Of course.  Then the reality of how quickly the Peachtree City 15k is approaching had me questioning if I would be too out of shape/in bad condition to even attempt it.  Should I give away my spot?  Should I hold out hope that I can run/jog/walk/limp it without training?  Last night, while discussing it with Eric, I made the decision to give my foot another week to heal and see where that led me.

But that was last night.  That was before I caught up on my running blogs this morning and before I read about a woman who pushed her five year old for an entire 20 mile run.  After putting my fussy and clingy one year old down for a morning nap, I began to get excited about the idea of testing out old faithful (my ankle) on the treadmill.  It was a dreary, rainy morning and I was feeling cooped up and overwhelmed with “what ifs” and “what nots”.  A few “running on an avulsion fracture/sprained ankle/torn talofibular ligament” Google searches later and I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to try an easy mile as long as my ankle felt sturdy and I wasn’t in too much pain.

3 easy miles later, I forced myself to hit the stop button and rejoiced at the fact that a) my ankle felt surprisingly well, and b) my body hadn’t completely given out on me after 2.5 weeks of no running.   Not disillusioned to the fact that I will have to work even harder to strengthen my legs (to prevent future injury), I finished with an hour of weights, strength training and a damn big smile on my face.

So will I be running trails anytime soon?  Negative.  Will I be running the Peachtree City 15k this month?  I don’t know.  If I do run it, will I set a PR?  That’s funny.

The important thing is that I’m running now.  I’m back in the game and I am beyond ecstatic to be here – even if “here” is slowly, but surely for now.


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