Lego My Pumpkin Spice Eggo

It’s heeeere!  That wonderful season of crisp mornings, changing leaves  and seasonal depression.  Hooray!  While many families are busy picking out the perfect pumpkins and spicing up their mailbox displays, there are some of us that aren’t head over heels in love with the onset of Fall.  While it is nice to take a walk to the mailbox without sweating and to listen to the crickets through the open windows in the early evening, the impending doom of winter lingers behind every red leaf and under the “Happy Autumn” welcome mats.

As a mother I dread the time of year that steals away the biggest room of our house (the yard) and as a runner I will miss the t-shirt and short days of 5ks in the summer sun.  Born and raised in Florida, I thrive in the warm months and fight the urge to hibernate alongside the grizzlies when the temperature drops.  This must be why the majority of our Holidays arrive at this time of year.  They give us color amidst the brown as the earth slowly freezes over and they fill us with hope of the things to come.  Pumpkins, costumes, turkeys, trees, and pumpkin spice everything you can think of.

Pumpkins and colorful leaves aren’t the only thing that pop up in the Fall.  Turkey Trots and Jingle Jangles litter the website and give runners the perfect opportunity to rev up the metabolism for all of the holiday treats they will be indulging in later on.  This year there are not only 5ks and 10ks, but an abundance of Half Marathons as well.  It appears that the 13.1 mile distance has become appealing to many because it requires just enough endurance and strength to give one a good challenge without completely sucking all of the life out of you (or your social calendar).  While this is usually my favorite time of year to race, I’ll be doing more cheering than running as I allow my ankle to heal.  I may sneak into a Gobble Jog or Santa Scoot, but for now I’m going to set my sights on getting healthy for a strong spring.

What races are you signed up for this Fall?  How are you planning to stay in shape during the holiday season?  Will you bundle up and brave the cold temps or cuddle with your treadmill?

Happy Fall, my friends!  Keep trotting!


One thought on “Lego My Pumpkin Spice Eggo

  1. I’m doing a 5K but no one wants to run it with me (we have some preggo friends) so we are doing it just for fun and walking and dressing up!). I am looking into some other races too! But it still is hot here! I wish we had more of a fall/winter here!! You should move out here and run! You’d LOVE it!! xoxox

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