An Air Cast … That You Can RUN In!

I finally turned on the common sense portion of my brain and took myself to the Doctor of das foot.  Dr. Perry Julien, author of “Sure Footing”, helped me through a rough case of Peroneal Tendonitis a few months ago and so back to the Foot and Ankle Center I went to get a little lookaroo at the ankle.  I made the appointment with Dr. Charles Peebles because I’ve heard great things about him, but have only ever seen Julien.  Peebles was fantastic!  He listened attentively, did a thorough exam of my foot and ankle, and addressed all of my concerns/questions/worries head on.  The official diagnosis was: “Too much too soon”.  You can’t expect a ligament tear and avulsion fracture to heal in 2.5 weeks.  Regardless of pain tolerance or tough mama genetics, it just ain’t gonna happen.  Prognosis?  Rest it for a few days, and start back slowly.  He sat down and spelled out an exact training plan with me and all was well until he said, “Now let’s get you into an air cast”.  WHAT?  I freaked, “But, I thought you said I could get back to running in a few days!?!?!?!”.  He said as if it was a no-brainer: “You can.”  Thus I present to you the super, duper, hold your ankle together and run all you want, air cast:

Now, as amazed as you are at this incredible self-ankle portrait, be even more impressed by the fact that it will allow me to run while very carefully protecting my weak ankle.  I won’t be hitting up a half-marathon anytime soon, but I was given the green light to try a mile or two this Thursday and take it from there.  I’m still a little bit skeptical about the comfort level of running in it, but if Atlanta’s top docs recommend it, that’s gotta mean something, right?

So while all of you minimalist runners are drawing attention to your bare feet and hot tamales are getting stares at your neon and orange running shoes, I’ll be sporting my super hot air castness along the roads of Roswell for the next few weeks.

Be jealous.

Or not.

24 hours till go time!  Yeehaw!


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