Shaun T Is Coming To Atlanta!

When it comes to exercise, I love running, I crave kickboxing, appreciate a good session lifting weights, force myself into the pool for laps, but my true  obsession (second only to hitting the pavement or trails for my first love)  is INSANITY.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a million more times, it is THE BEST work-out program I have ever done.

When it comes to a complete and total body work-out, nothing else compares.  Swimming is great, kickboxing comes close, but INSANITY takes it to a whole new level by forcing every single cell in your body to perform.  When you’ve finished the workout for the day, whether it be Plyo or Cardio, you walk away knowing that every muscle and organ in your body is stronger than it was before you began – and that includes the brain because it takes some  serious will-power to get through some of the circuits!

I have heard time and time again (on Facebook, from friends, etc) about people who jump into INSANITY and are all excited until the sore muscles and fatigue sets in.  Their daily workouts wane and suddenly there’s nothing being reported about their results.  Why?  My guess is because not everyone takes fitness seriously.  Some people see incredible results in other people and want a “get fit fast” approach to fitness.  They have no idea that when they commit to 60 days of INSANITY, they are committing to 2 months of the hardest work they have ever done.  Someone who is a true athlete, someone who has a real desire to be fit, can tell you that it takes pain, sweat, and a ton of discipline to achieve a body that looks and feels like it can do anything.

Having suffered my recent injury, I’ve been out of my normal running shape and trying to make up for it by cycling and hitting the weights at the gym.  Yesterday after a short run (doctor’s orders!) and an hour with the weights, I told Eric that it was time to start INSANITY again.  Whether it be the full 60 day program or just 2 of Shaun’s workouts a week, I need something that’s going to work me through and through even if it means modifying the individual exercises a bit to baby my foot.  Plus, the fact that Shaun T will be in Atlanta soon means that I need to get my body ready for the hour long workout of my LIFE!

Say what?  Shaun T?  Atlanta?

That’s right!  The icon of fitness himself will be leading an Insanity Master Class here in Atlanta on November 16th!  Eric and I rarely get sitters to go out for a dinner and movie, but for a date night with Shaun T?  YES PLEASE!  After signing up I was going on and on about how excited I am to sweat with one of my favorite (TV) workout buddies in the world as Eric fretted about needing to squeeze in a few INSANITY workouts before hand to make sure he’s ready.  I mentioned having to get a picture while we’re there and he mused, “You know what would be cool?  A picture of me doing a power jump with Shaun T!”

Camera packed.  Battery Charged.  Power Jumps in progress.

Eric practicing his Power Jumps with the kiddos
Eric practicing his Power Jumps with the kiddos

Are you feeling empowered?  Ready to change your life for the better?  Go to and sign up for some quality time with a man who will do just that!  What are you waiting for?  Come get INSANE!


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