Sometimes Wishes Do Come True

I can remember the first time I hit “play” and delved into my first day of Insanity as if it were yesterday.  The excitement rushing through my body, blood pumping through my veins, puke threatening to rise from my stomach.  I was still glued to a good amount of post-baby weight and recovering from a foot injury.  After completing the fit test, I put my head between my knees while I panted for breath that would hopefully bring me back to life.  Two thoughts entered my brain at that moment.  1. I wonder if this is what a near death experience feels like … and 2.  Someday, somehow, I am going to workout with this man.

Last Friday, my wish came true.

Nope, not a Googled image, but one that my husband took after an INSANE workout with the man who started it all – Shaun T!


An hour of power jumps, plank walks, ski abs, switch kicks, suicides, sprinting, push-up jacks, and pure Insanity with my fitness icon!  It was a surreal experience to watch him jump off the stage, run through the crowd and look us in the faces as he pushed us to our limits.


After the workout concluded, Shaun hung around for a bit to take pictures.  After ours was taken, I thanked him for being so incredible and told him how much he has inspired me.  He shook my hand and took a few seconds to ask a little bit about myself, “Are you a fitness instructor?  What do you like to teach?  What’s your thing?”  This man who was being rushed by his team to get off the stage and get moving to his next event, took the time to ask me about myself.  This is what sets him apart from many of the others.  Sure his superhuman ability to seemingly fly through the air as he’s busting out hundreds of power jumps is impressive, but what really amazes me is his genuine concern for the people he’s reaching out to.  He’s not just trying to sell a program, he’s trying to change people’s lives, lift the sedentary out of the rut of laziness and challenge athletes to become more than they ever thought possible.  Seeing him on TV, you may not know if it’s real or just an act, but having met him in person I can assure you this is a guy who has your best interest at heart.

Me in the purple, Shaun T and  two of my fellow Insanity loving friends 🙂

What is a fitness wish or dream that you would like to see come true?  Are you ready to make it happen?


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