Happy “Rising Above The Funk” New Year!

2012 has come and gone, can I get an “Amen!”?  I don’t know about you, but it definitely was NOT my best year.  Injury, illness, and unexpected crisis littered the 12 months that are now in the rear view mirror collecting dust.  My hopes entering this new year are to absorb all the good things that last year produced, to learn from the challenges that I faced, and to move on from the things that were causing me to harbor anger and resentment and ultimately destroying, bit by bit, the careless joy that I once so innocently possessed.  I can’t explain why, or what inspired it, but I had a wake-up call four days before January 1st rolled around.  It urged me to jump out of the dark seasonal funk that was possessing me and into a better and more challenging routine in every aspect of my life.  For a bit, my workouts, my friendships, my work, even my family had been put on an “just get it done” autopilot mode and along with the dark skies and cold temperatures I had been hovering just above the daily demands of life.  I needed a challenge, a spark to jar me out of my lackluster existence and it came in the form of INSANITY round 2 and the desire to up my mileage which had dwindled after my ankle injury.  It wasn’t just a “oh, I think I’ll work-out a little harder and see where that gets me” moment, but a complete attitude adjustment and desire to see how rapidly the rest of my life would change if I could get back to the exercise induced endorphins that my body was so desperately craving.

And you know what?

It worked.

My transformation began days before the fireworks and midnight champagne toast.  Once I had the urge, I had no desire to wait.  I jumped into INSANITY full force and began logging more miles on my recovery days.  I went back to the kickboxing classes I had abandoned for a bit and suddenly remembered why I loved them in the first place.  The loud, pulsing music, the choreography moving me across the gym like a dance floor, the sweat dripping from every pore in my body.  A reunion ensued between my running buddy and I and soon we were logging miles after class and before INSANITY.  It’s been almost 3 weeks of going strong and I am feeling like I can breathe again.  With my exercise regimen back on track, my eating habits which had taken a shift to “store up for hibernation” mode have improved and I possess much more patience with the kiddos.  My desire to produce the best work possible is back along with my longing to nurture the friendships that I hold so dear to my heart.  

It’s really remarkable, this thing they call exercise. So often I get bogged down in the demands of mother hood and work that I neglect to take the time for myself that I need.  A strong, fit body leads to a healthier and more clear mind.  It makes me a better mother, wife, friend and person in general.  When you reflect on basic biology and how we were made for constant movement, it only makes sense that we dedicate a good portion of our life to getting our heart pumping and blood moving.   I hope that all of you out there who are looking for ways to challenge and improve yourself this year will choose an activity that can give you the same boost that I’ve encountered.  Whether it’s something you love doing,  have moved away from, or a new sport, fitness class, or adventure that you want to try, just do it.  Take the plunge.  All it takes is the decision to rise above the funk and get moving!



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