About Me

Hi, my name is Cassi.  I wanted to get that clear, before you assumed that it was Lashinda Demus that was journaling her thoughts here.

We do have a tendency to look a bit alike.

I’ve been running towards and away from anything and everything since my first semester of college in 1997.  After leaving the sunny and warm peach state to study in the cold and hilly land of Ohio, I stumbled upon the hobby while trying to drop the freshman fifteen that I gained like a new major.  Wobbling down a hill one October afternoon I was approached by a brunette from Minnesota with a huge smile and a penchant for pushing people to their limits.  Soon one mile became three and three became four and on the fateful evening that we completed FIVE MILES ALL AT ONCE, I waved goodbye and ran straight into the lobby of my dorm bragging at the top of my lungs about my accomplishment.  Still panting for breath and fighting the nausea burrowing in my stomach, I realized then and there that I was a runner.  A real life, down to earth, not so fast, but not terribly slow, passionate about life runner.  Since that day there has been no surgery, no pregnancy or childbirth, and no illness (physical or mental) that has torn me away from my love of the sport.  In fact it’s this very thing, I am convinced, that has saved my life – in every sense of the word.

I am wife to the most patient, good-hearted, funny guy I know and mother to 4 little “buns” that have the ability to make me laugh and cry within the same minute.  I love my family, adore my friends, and am thankful for every single run I’m able to set out on.

So, here I am to run, write, and connect with people as passionate about all of it as I am!

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. You are so creative with words. I am so proud to call you my cousin. I have truly enjoyed how you share your amazing life experiences in such a clever way. You bring a smile to my face, but more importantly inspiration to my life as a runner and now as a mother, too. Wish we lived closer…surely miss you. Keep writing, I’ll keep reading! Love, Molly

  2. Just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog posts! In particular, your post on BHJS made me burst out laughing as I entirely relate to it. I’ve been diagnosed with BHJS last year and told to avoid ‘high impact’ activities that includes running. It so happens that I like all things high intensity/impact and find it impossible to switch to just Pilates- so not been very good to following the doc’s advice. I know muscle strengthening is crucial and i’m working on that, but can’t stop the running and bootcamps. Currently debating whether or not to sign up for an adventure marathon and was looking for advice from other runners on BHJS. Would love to know your thoughts…

    1. Hi! Sorry I’m just now responding. I say go for your adventure marathon and high impact activities. When healthy enough (read my latest post), I still indulge in all my favorites. I have found the key is staying strong. When I trade in strength training for more miles, I suffer. The only way to keep BHJS under control is to keep a good amount of muscle tone. Don’t let yourself get weak or you will see injuries and ache more. Hope that helps!

  3. Hi Cassi,

    My name is Cara, and I am with the community outreach team at Eventbrite. I’d love to connect with you about our current project. Please contact me when you can.

    Talk soon,

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